Helping Share Story

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I quit my day job to live a better story. I help others lean into what that looks like for them.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”― Maya Angelou


From pulpit filling to conferences, I would love to come share story with you and help your group discover the better story Jesus calls us into.


There is no better way to tell your story than podcasting. Imagine having influence when you sleep. Podcasting is that. I’d love to help you create yours.

web design

Everyone should have their own place to share their story.  A website is a great place to do that.

What Others Say

let’s make something beautiful

Three years ago Michael began to tell me that I should start a podcast. Given the way my speaking and writing was heading, he saw that a podcast would be helpful to me. I finally agreed and he guided me through the design and startup of 37 the Podcast. And the rest is history as I head into Season Four! There’s no one I know better at coaching people how to develop podcasts, from the tech to the content to the website support and the financial side. Before you know it, with Michael’s help, you’ll be up and podcasting and expanding your reach – and having a blast in the process.

Dr. Terry Linhart

Author, The Self-Aware Leader

Michael spoke at a conference that we hold every year and when we asked Yoder to speak we knew that he would be great. Our students thought that Yoder was great and on top of that let them into a little bit of his life. Yoder’s speaking is relevant and relatable on a level with his audience, as well as being able to give something that is new and refreshing to think on and talk about!

Christian Brenner

Pastor, St. Mark

I’d talked about podcasting for years, people told me I should do one, but I was stuck. Talking to Michael got me going again and helped me understand what to focus on and what to ignore when launching The Wonder Jam Cast.

Adam Lehman

Co-founder, Consultant, Strategist, The Wonder Jam